EUROCOR sp. z o. o. S.K.A. is an engineering company specialized in the management of investment projects, particularly in the mining industry. The range of services covers full investment replacement and its components such as programming, preparation, implementation and supervision of implementation, maintenance and design, as well as creation of financial terms for a project.







We offer:

  • initial and detailed diagnosis of resource deposits and geological conditions,
  • drafting and documentation of resource's exploitation,
  • preparation of necessary projects and technical documentation to implement the expansion of existing or construction of new mining facilities.

Implementation and supervision over:

  • construction and deepening of wells in mining facilities,
  • delivery of mechanized longwall systems of complete extraction systems for underground resources exploitation,
  • technology of coal mining with backfill systems,
  • construction of infrastructure spoil transportation - underground and on the surface,
  • solutions associated with purification of carbon,
  • construction of demethanization stations and demethanization process monitoring systems,
  • utilization of methane from coal seams,
  • design and selection of equipment for central local air conditioning stations for excavation sites,
  • diagnosis, monitoring and elimination of natural hazards in underground mining,
  • solutions in the field of environmental protection and reclamation of post-mining environment, including excavation sites and  post-excavation infrastructure,
  • solutions related to the protection and safety of work.